Monday, March 22, 2010

New Product!

In my quest to make new products for my shop - I always look to the toys and items that my children presently have. I look at the items they love and how they play with them, and the items the hate and don't. I am always trying to improve the designs of those things that they cherish the most, making them more durable, cuter, more lovable.

This latest design is inspired from a cute bag I bought for my daughter a year ago. It is an adorable bag, but is too big for a little girl to lug around. Additionally her flawed bag did not have a flat bottom so she was always struggling to fit things in it. I got fed-up watching her try to shove her baby doll in that bag. Thus my new product was born. This bag is designed to allow for deep storage - that baby doll fits just fine. It is flat bottomed so it doesn't fall over when filling it, and it's long and thin so it can carry a lot but it is not so heavy that a little one cannot pick it up.

I designed the pony - which my daughter is into now, using my tablet, then converting it to an embroidery file. I put a little purple flower in it's mouth to give the bag some dimension. I have a monkey that I'm going to do in the coming weeks, but I yet to convert that file to an embroidery design.

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